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Dr. Linda Vermooten for State Board of Education Unveils "Champion for the Children" Campaign Ad

BELLEVUE, NE – Dr. Linda Vermooten, a seasoned psychologist and educator, is proud to announce the launch of her latest ad campaign in her bid for the Nebraska State Board of Education. The powerful new commercial, filmed at the historic First Baptist School in Plattsmouth, Nebraska, underscores Dr. Vermooten's commitment to championing our children's future through dynamic leadership and a focus on academic excellence.

The new ad, set against the backdrop of the First Baptist School's vintage charm, showcases Dr. Vermooten's unwavering dedication to Nebraska's educational system. With over 25 years of experience as a psychologist and educator, Dr. Vermooten brings a unique perspective and extensive knowledge to the table.

The ad highlights Dr. Vermooten's key priorities, including improving academic achievement, promoting parental engagement, and ensuring responsible fiscal management in our schools. It emphasizes her belief in returning to the basics of education, prioritizing reading, writing, and arithmetic as the foundation of all learning.

In the ad, Dr. Vermooten urges voters to prioritize excellence in education and emphasizes the importance of electing seasoned and sensible leadership to the State Board of Education. She concludes with a powerful call to action: "Remember, V is for Vote... V for Vermooten. Vote Vermooten."

"I am thrilled to launch this new ad campaign, which reflects my deep commitment to our children's education and the future of Nebraska," said Dr. Vermooten. "I believe that by prioritizing academic excellence and parental engagement, we can create a brighter future for all Nebraska students."

For more information about Dr. Linda Vermooten's candidacy and to view the new ad, visit

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