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Former UNL Board of Regent Hal Daub Endorses Dr. Linda Vermooten for Nebraska State Board of Education

BELLEVUE, NE – Renowned political figure and former Congressman, UNL Board of Regent, and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub has enthusiastically endorsed Dr. Linda Vermooten in her candidacy for the Nebraska State Board of Education. Daub, with a distinguished career in public service, recognizes Dr. Vermooten's exceptional acumen and unwavering dedication to advancing educational excellence in Nebraska.

Expressing his endorsement, Daub stated,

"I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Linda Vermooten for the Nebraska State Board of Education, and I do so with a keen appreciation for her acumen and dedication to the pursuit of educational excellence. In a realm where decisions carry lasting impact, Dr. Vermooten's commitment to addressing literacy rates and her emphasis on retaining top-notch educators are a breath of fresh air.
Dr. Vermooten's candidacy brings a unique and valuable perspective to the discourse on education, shaped by her rich background in psychology and divinity. Her proactive stance on local control and parental engagement reflects a genuine understanding of the intricate dynamics that shape Nebraska's education system.

Daub emphasized the importance of supporting Dr. Vermooten in this down-ballot race, stating,

She is well-organized, energetic, and has already knocked on thousands of doors. We will win this race, but we need all the support and goodwill that we can muster. This is the kind of down-ballot race where word of mouth, the power of the backyard fence, really makes the difference. Please do all you can."

Dr. Linda Vermooten expressed her gratitude for Daub's endorsement, stating,

"I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of a respected leader like Hal Daub. His support reinforces our shared commitment to advancing education in Nebraska, and I am excited to work collaboratively for the betterment of our state's educational system."

The endorsement from Hal Daub adds significant momentum to Dr. Vermooten's campaign, highlighting her broad appeal and the recognition of her capabilities by seasoned leaders.

For more information about Dr. Linda Vermooten's campaign and her vision for Nebraska's education system, please visit

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