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Linda Vermooten Joins "Stand With Parents" Pledge, Commits to Upholding Parental Rights

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

BELLEVUE, NE – Linda Vermooten, a candidate for the Nebraska State Board of Education, proudly announces her unwavering commitment to parental rights and involvement by signing the "Stand With Parents" pledge presented by Moms For Liberty. This pledge reinforces Vermooten's dedication to safeguarding the fundamental rights of parents, which includes their paramount authority to direct their children's education, healthcare, and moral upbringing.

The "Stand With Parents" pledge, which Linda Vermooten wholeheartedly endorses, underscores her promise to advance policies that empower parents, enhance transparency, shield against government overreach, and firmly establish parental rights at all levels of government.

In a statement, Linda Vermooten expressed her unwavering dedication to parental rights and involvement, "I'm making a commitment to uphold the core rights of parents, including their authority over their children's education, healthcare, and moral upbringing. My pledge is to champion policies that empower parents, enhance transparency, safeguard against excessive government interference, and secure parental rights across all levels of governance."

Sara Fochs, Chair of the Douglas County Chapter of Moms For Liberty, echoed her support for Linda Vermooten's pledge to parental rights, "We are thrilled to see Linda sign the 'Stand With Parents' pledge and take a strong stand in support of parental rights and involvement. Her dedication to empowering parents and increasing transparency in education aligns perfectly with our mission to preserve and strengthen these fundamental rights. We look forward to working alongside her to bring positive change to Nebraska's education system."

Moms For Liberty, a nationwide grassroots organization dedicated to advocating for parental rights in education and government, applauds Linda Vermooten's decision to join their pledge. Her commitment to parents and families reflects their core mission and values.

Linda Vermooten's candidacy for the Nebraska State Board of Education promises to be one that champions the rights of parents and advocates for their active involvement in their children's education and well-being. By signing the "Stand With Parents" pledge, Vermooten solidifies her commitment to these essential principles.

For more information about Linda Vermooten's campaign for the Nebraska State Board of Education and her commitment to parental rights, please visit

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