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Nebraska Republican Party Unanimously Endorses Dr. Linda Vermooten for State Board of Education

BELLEVUE, NE – On Saturday, the Nebraska Republican Party State Central Committee meeting proudly and unanimously endorsed Dr. Linda Vermooten for the State Board of Education in District 2. This resounding show of support signifies the party's recognition of Dr. Vermooten's exceptional qualifications and unwavering commitment to advancing education in Nebraska.

Dr. Vermooten has emerged as a dedicated advocate for quality education, emphasizing values that resonate deeply with the principles upheld by the Nebraska Republican Party. Her passion for fostering an environment of academic excellence, preserving traditional values, and championing local control aligns with the party's core values.

Expressing her gratitude for the unanimous endorsement, Dr. Vermooten stated,

"I am deeply honored and humbled by the unanimous endorsement of the Nebraska Republican Party. This endorsement reaffirms our shared commitment to prioritizing education, preserving our American heritage, and empowering our students to thrive. I am excited to collaborate with the party and work tirelessly to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Nebraska's children."

Nebraska Republican Party Chairman Eric Underwood remarked,

"Dr. Linda Vermooten exemplifies the values that the Nebraska Republican Party holds dear. Her dedication to education and unwavering commitment to our shared principles make her the ideal candidate for the State Board of Education in District 2. We proudly stand united in supporting Dr. Vermooten, confident in her ability to bring positive change to Nebraska's education system."

The endorsement from the Nebraska Republican Party highlights Dr. Vermooten's broad appeal and underscores the party's confidence in her ability to bring positive change to the State Board of Education.

For more information about Dr. Linda Vermooten's campaign and her vision for Nebraska's education system, please visit

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