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Nebraskans For Founders Values Action Endorses Dr. Linda Vermooten for State Board of Education

BELLEVUE, NE Nebraskans For Founders Values Action (NFFV Action), dedicated to supporting candidates in Nebraska who uphold the Constitution, protect family and children, and advocate for small government working for all people, proudly announces its endorsement of Dr. Linda Vermooten for the Nebraska State Board of Education.

In their statement, NFFV Action highlighted their commitment to endorsing candidates who align with their core values of upholding the Constitution, protecting families and children, and advocating for small government. NFFV Action emphasized their dedication to holding endorsed candidates to a high standard, ensuring they deliver on their stated positions, policies, and values.

Nebraskans For Founders Values Action stated, "Nebraskans For Founders Values Action proudly endorses Linda Vermooten for Nebraska State Board of Education. Linda’s advocacy for excellence in education, emphasizing local control with parent involvement, scholastic achievement, fiscal management, and unbiased education align deeply with our core values."

Dr. Linda Vermooten's commitment to foundational values, including local control, parent involvement, scholastic achievement, fiscal management, and unbiased education, resonates with the principles championed by NFFV Action. Her emphasis on preserving America's heritage and history while upholding the United States Constitution aligns with the organization's commitment to fundamental principles.

The endorsement statement continued, "NFFV-Action believes our education system is fundamental in developing the next generation of exceptional citizens of our country and returning to the basics of literacy, math, and Constitutional principles in our education system. Linda's dedication to these fundamental values, along with her commitment to preserving the essence of America, makes her an exceptional candidate."

NFFV Action expressed their belief in Dr. Vermooten's Foundations of Excellence plan, stating, "Nebraskans For Founder Values-Action wholeheartedly supports Linda's Foundation of Excellence plan, knowing that she will champion the values Nebraskans hold dear and prepare our students to become responsible citizens who cherish the principles that have defined America's success."

Dr. Vermooten's candidacy continues to gain strong support from organizations like NFFV Action, who appreciate her commitment to foundational values and her vision for an education system that prepares students to become responsible citizens.

For more information about Dr. Linda Vermooten's campaign and her vision for the Nebraska State Board of Education, please visit

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