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Sen. Lou Ann Linehan Endorses Dr. Linda Vermooten for District 2 Nebraska State Board of Education

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

BELLEVUE, NE – Nebraska State Senator Lou Ann Linehan, a prominent member of the Education Committee, has officially endorsed Dr. Linda Vermooten's candidacy for the Nebraska State Board of Education in District 2. Senator Linehan, known for her dedication to education and advocacy for Nebraska's students, expressed her enthusiastic support for Dr. Vermooten's campaign.

In her endorsement, Senator Lou Ann Linehan stated, "I am delighted to extend my endorsement to Dr. Linda Vermooten's candidacy for the State Board of Education. Linda's unwavering commitment to education and her profound dedication to the well-being of Nebraska's students make her an exceptional candidate. Her extensive background in psychology, counseling, and education uniquely qualifies her for this role. I have no doubt that Dr. Vermooten's passion and expertise will drive positive change in our education system, and I wholeheartedly support her as an excellent choice to represent District 2."

Dr. Linda Vermooten has garnered significant support from prominent figures across Nebraska who share her commitment to improving the state's education system. Her campaign has centered on the principles of promoting local control, elevating math and literacy rates, and ensuring that education remains free from subjective bias and focuses more on objective learning.

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of Senator Lou Ann Linehan," said Dr. Vermooten. "Her work on the Education Committee and her dedication to the well-being of our state's students are truly commendable. I share her passion for making a positive impact on our education system, and I am grateful for her support as we work towards a brighter future for Nebraska’s youth."

Dr. Vermooten's campaign has gained momentum with the backing of influential figures like Senator Linehan, reflecting the widespread support for her vision of a stronger, more transparent, and higher-achieving education system in Nebraska.

For more information about Dr. Linda Vermooten's campaign and her vision for the Nebraska State Board of Education, please visit

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